President's Biography

Dr. Alidad Zadeh has been a practicing Physician since 2010. He specializes in management of chronic disease (Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc.), preventative medicine, weight management, hormone replacement therapy, endocrinology, fitness and holistic medicine. He has helped hundreds of patients reach their goals and stay healthy.

Dr Zadeh has been a clinical professor at Western University of health sciences. He has also served as the Assistant program director at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center residency program. He truly values preventative medicine and that is why prevention of disease is at the center of his practice.
Dr Zadeh currently serves as the medical director of ICSC hospitalist management group, medical director of PHC rural health clinic, Medical Director of ANZ clinics, Medical Director of Imperial heights. He is also speaker and educator for multiple advance laboratories such as; MD tox, Corus CAD, Health innovative, Singulex and Boston heart labs. Dr Zadeh continues to practice evidenced based medicine that is on the edge to help his patients in Imperial Valley.