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Affecting more than 25 million Americans, asthma is known for causing chronic breathlessness. If you experience wheezing, chest tightness, and difficulty catching your breath on a regular basis, contact the office of Alidad Zadeh, DO, in El Centro, California, right away. Dr. Zadeh specializes in integrative asthma management solutions, so asthma doesn’t continue lowering your quality of life. Find out more information by booking an asthma evaluation online or by calling to schedule over the phone.

Asthma Q & A

What causes asthma?

A chronic condition, asthma leads to ongoing issues with the narrowing of your airways. In many cases, outside irritants, such as pollution and smoke, contribute to asthma. But your risk further increases due to:

  • Extreme stress
  • Family history of asthma
  • Certain medications, including ibuprofen
  • Respiratory infections, including pneumonia
  • Allergies, including pet dander, pollen, and dust mites

For some, intense physical activity leads to asthma attacks, too. This is known as exercise-induced asthma.

Other times, asthma flare-ups may occur because of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Because asthma has so many potential causes and triggers, it’s important to get to the root of why you have asthma. 

When should I see a doctor for asthma?

Dr. Zadeh understands how debilitating asthma can be, especially if you just haven’t found the right type of medications and inhalers to help you manage it. He encourages you to come in for an exam if any of the following symptoms affect you regularly:

  • Wheezing
  • Coughing fits
  • Breathlessness 
  • Chest pressure or tightness

You should also come in to the office of Alidad Zadeh, DO, if your asthma attacks are starting to affect your sleep. Dr. Zadeh gathers chest X-rays, conducts allergy testing, performs breathing tests, and conducts any other necessary asthma diagnostic steps to help determine which treatments may be most effective for your needs. 

Which asthma treatment is effective?

Asthma treatment plans aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, Dr. Zadeh takes into consideration the severity of your symptoms and your lifestyle to tailor your asthma treatment plan. 

While no asthma cure exists, Dr. Zadeh can prescribe an inhaled corticosteroid you use daily to keep your airways open. He may also recommend:

  • Allergy treatments, such as immunotherapy
  • Oral medications (to minimize airway narrowing)
  • Advanced quick-relief inhalers

Dr. Zadeh also spends quality time counseling you about how to avoid triggers. He teaches you about lifestyle changes and other considerations you may need to make to lower your risk of asthma attacks, as well as to lower the intensity when they do occur.

If you struggle with asthma, contact the office of Alidad Zadeh, DO, today. You can conveniently schedule your appointment through the website or over the phone.